Introduction: Who We Are

Champions of song. And the future.

Creative. Powerful. Soulful. Inspiring. We are the Detroit Children's Choir. And we are an all-inclusive choral music program that welcomes all youth in grades 3-12 - then turns out ambassadors for the future.

We embrace diversity through unity. Rather than marching to the beat of a different drum, we become the beat itself by joining together in rhythm and harmony. Through the power and discipline of choral education, we strive to shape confident, passionate and driven individuals ready to face the world around them. Then lead it.

Manifesto: What We Believe

Above all, we are believers.

The glory of singing your heart out. The perseverance of hard work. And the wave of goose bumps that take over when it all comes together. That's what we believe in. And we achieve it through Kodály-inspired choral training that encourages musical excellence through accessibility.

We are also passionate believers in giving back. To the community, we give through the heartfelt content of our performances - and for our students, we help strengthen the content of their character. With the stage as their oyster, our children are given proper time, patience and discipline to discover the beauty of their voices, along with the power of their choices.

Mission: Who We Are

United we sing.

Our mission is to use the power of music education as a cultural platform to unite children of diverse backgrounds.

Today, the Detroit Children's Choir is proud to say we have grown from a single in-school program to an organization that provides quality programs for all youth throughout Southeast Michigan - an aspires to reach as many young lives as possible. In doing so, we cultivate independent, lifelong and capable musicians with the confidence to reach the high notes in our choir - and the high points of success outside of it.

Vision: Where We Want To Go?

Where do the want to go?


We know our voices will lift us up. And our spirits will brush the stars. But until our efforts elevate the lives of every student n Southeast Michigan in search of song, our vision will not be realized. For the Detroit Children's Choir, that vision is to enrich the lives of Metro Detroit youth and community through choral music education, ultimately shaping confident, focused and expressive leaders.

Through collaborations with established organizations, such as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, it is our goal to present citizens of the "D" with continuing opportunities to foster the engines of personal growth through exposure to the arts…and specifically music. This is Motown after all!