DCC Spring Concert Update #2 from Our Board of Directors

Dear Detroit Children’s Choir Community,

Last week you were notified that the Spring Concert had been cancelled AND the operations of the organization had been paused because of the collective resignations of our senior staff the week of April 24, 2023. Since then there has been a request by several of our supporters for clarification of the timing of events. We hope this information clarifies the timeline and the Board’s decision making.

Our Executive Director resigned on April 24, 2023, his resignation effective immediately, which left tasks related to the organization and operations of the Spring Concert to be completed. The Board decided these tasks could not be completed with the resources available. While the artistic portion of the concert was moving according to schedule, the operational tasks could not be completed to result in a polished concert. The decision was made to cancel the Concert. This decision was communicated to our Artistic Director on April 26, 2023 during regular business hours at an in-person meeting with one of our Board members. A plan of action was discussed by them to move forward, with verbal agreement by the Artistic Director. Later that evening, at approximately 10:30 pm, the Board received a resignation letter from our Artistic Director, whose resignation was effective immediately. Once that letter was received, the Board met and determined it had no choice but to pause the operations of the organization. The Board then collaborated on the letter that was ultimately posted on the website, social media and emailed out.

The letter that was sent out was intended to convey the joint decision that canceling the Concert and pausing the organization’s operations were the result of both resignations. We hope this current correspondence clarifies our intent and we apologize for any confusion our initial correspondence may have produced.


Detroit Children’s Choir
Board of Directors