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Detroit Vocalist Beth Griffith-Manley Scheduled to Perform as Guest Artist

Beth Griffith-Manley

Beth Griffith- Manley will perform with the Detroit Children’s Choir as one of their guest artists at their Spring Concert on May 11th, 2022…


Detroit vocalist Beth Griffith-Manley is a professional singer, actress, businesswoman, and now a published children’s author! She was raised in Detroit by her parents, and her father was one of the original Funk Brothers, playing as the keyboardist in Motown’s in-house band!  


Beth’s musical interests were evident at an early age. She learned how to play the piano alongside her father, and in junior high school, Beth joined the choir and continued singing in school choirs throughout her high school years. Her high school vocal coach was Mumford High School’s Deirdre- Jackson Thompson, who also served as a vocal coach and mentor to the Winans family!


Although Beth’s father was a professional musician, he strongly encouraged his daughter to pursue a college degree in something other than music. While attending college, Beth supported herself by working as a vocalist in local Detroit bands and had a stint at Ford Motor Company. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a B.S. of Science degree in Business and Information Systems and business administration and management.


Beth is currently on tour with Motown R&B recording artist and fellow Detroiter, KEM. Beth also toured with another successful Detroit artist, Ms. Anita Baker, an 8-time Grammy Award-winning songstress. Her touring has allowed her to perform in some of the world’s most prestigious music venues, including Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Royal Albert Hall in London, and arenas in South Africa, Trinidad, and the Caribbean.  


Beth Griffith-Manley is another successful, professional vocalist (one of many) that started out singing in Detroit school choirs at a young age! She is proof that singing in a choir can be the start of something truly extraordinary!