Quarter Notes with the Detroit Children’s Choir


Quarter Notes Introduction


Detroit Children's Choir is pleased to present Quarter Notes with the DCC, a mini series of five minute lessons on vocal technique, music theory, and sight-reading. Are you looking to develop your vocal skills? Do you need tips on how to develop your tone, breathing, or matching pitch? Other topics include singing through a "voice change," expression, and many others. Videos are targeted for Grades 3 - 12.

Special thanks to Malen Taylor for filming and Our Lady of Hope Parish in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, for providing the location for videos.

(Updated April 21, 2021)

Quarter Notes Library




Body Awareness - Jaw Position
Phonation - Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants
Body Awareness and Breathing - Part 3

Recording Studio Reflection

Four DCC Students reflect on their experiences in the recording studio in preparation for our upcoming LP release "Winter Greetings." Students talk about recording and preparation during the pandemic.